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Old Love of Monsters: Part 1 The Monster

High up in the arctic, soft snow falls and covers the slippery ice of the glaciers. At the edge of an icy cliff, harp seals dive into frigid waters to catch fish for… Continue reading

Old Love of Monsters: Part 2 The Matron

Lana De Lacey was the granddaughter of the grandson of a kind, old blind man. She had lived in her little cottage most her life, like her father before her and his father… Continue reading

Old Love of Monsters: Part 3 The Maiden

My names Hope De Lacey and grandmamma says I’m the most beautiful child in the whole wide world. My mommy and daddy are in heaven because they protected the Jewel people from bad… Continue reading

Monsters in the Forest

Rags draped upon a thin frame, shoulders shaking with harsh, rattling coughs as a young girl with filthy hair wandered the forest. Tall trees casting shadows on her tear stained face. No one… Continue reading

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