Who am I?

The eternal question I ask myself. To begin to answer that question its good to start with the basics.

My name is Jessica Kenamailani Lloyd and I live in southern California and have done so all my life. My middle name is Hawaiian for ‘Mission from Heaven’ and was given to me by my mother to represent her heritage. Being told I was part Hawaiian as a child lea me to believe I was impervious to the sun and that I would easily develop beautiful tans as my mother did, dozens of blistering sunburns soon changed that thought.

Growing up I was never alone because I was born with a best friend in my twin sister. We were little, independent rascals wandering off on our own and creating our own worlds and adventures. This influenced us both as I began writing and expanding on the worlds we created while she embraced the fantastical creatures and took up art, sketching monsters and myths.

Art and creativity is important to me and I strive to learn all I can about the many facets of art. To me art is what you put your heart into and its what inspires others to put their own heart into action. This could be a painting that expresses a notion, a photo that captures a moment, a sentence that draws you in, or a smile when you need it.

Because of that I enjoy seeing others passion come into fruition and I enjoy expanding and creating new passion for myself. I took up photography but I never can seem to grasp shooting manually and though I am limited to shooting automatically for now, I endeavor to communicate my passion through it too.


I started college in 2012 at Northern Arizona University majoring in journalism to get some distance and a change of environment. The snow there is beautiful when you’re not slipping on the ice. I stayed there two years before the distance got to much and I returned to the heat of California to attend California Baptist University. In addition to continuing my pursuit of a journalism degree I began a concentration in global journalism and took many classes to get a better grasp on the different cultures around the world and how to interact with them. April 30, 2016 I walked before my peers as a CBU graduate.