Old Love of Monsters: Part 3 The Maiden

My names Hope De Lacey and grandmamma says I’m the most beautiful child in the whole wide world. My mommy and daddy are in heaven because they protected the Jewel people from bad men so I live with grandmamma outside of town. Grandmamma is different from the people in town, she’s got these bumps and dips on her face and arm that make her look scary, like a monster. Well, scary to everyone else, I know there was nothing scary about her or monsters. Not all monsters are bad, Grandmamma tells me stories about a monster who was really sad and lonely and just needs a friend. She says “Hope, never just look skin deep, you gotta look inside,” like their liver.

Because of grandmamma I know to never be afraid of monsters, like the one under my bed, because I know all I need to do is be their friend and if there’s ever a really mean monster I’ll just get grandmamma. She says she’s the scariest monster around and will scare away all the mean monsters.

Sometime I go out at night to look for lonely monsters—shush, grandmamma doesn’t know—but so far I haven’t found any. I’m trying to befriend as many monsters as possible because everyone knows monsters are the best protectors. If you gain a monster love you’ve got a friend for life, that’s why I’m going out again tonight to look.

So far I’ve searched the shed and down by the creek and I couldn’t find one in the shed but the moss monster by the creek tripped me and stained my nightgown so we aren’t friends. A couple nights ago I heard a monster down by the main road, it was load and rumbling and gave sputtering coughs and it had this yellow eye that glared out as it moved. It must be very old, or it has a cold in which case grandmamma make the best tomato soup, it can cure anything. She made for lunch today and we always have some leftover. I think I’ll take it with me tonight to the monster on the road. I hope I’ll make a friend.